TECHNOLOGY - ?What will NASA be doing with its new quantum computer?
Earlier this year, NASA, in partnership with Google, acquired the world's largest quantum computer. But just what does the space agency plan to do with a device with such revolutionary potential? We talked to one of their lead researchers to find out.
?What will NASA be doing with its new quantum computer?

TECHNOLOGY - Carnegie Mellon computer searches web 24/7 to analyze images and teach itself common sense
A computer program called the Never Ending Image Learner (NEIL) is running 24 hours a day at Carnegie Mellon University, searching the Web for images, doing its best to understand them on its own and, as it builds a growing visual database, gathering common sense on a massive scale .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Engineers cut time to 3D-print heterogeneous objects from hours to minutes (w/ Video)
Researchers at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering have developed a faster 3D printing process and are now using it to model and fabricate heterogeneous objects, which comprise multiple materials

TECHNOLOGY - HIV virus spread, evolution studied through computer modeling
Researchers are investigating the complex relationships between the spread of the HIV virus in a population (epidemiology) and the actual, rapid evolution of the virus (phylogenetics) within each patient's body .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Helmet camera craze: Skiers record their own runs
Hey, mom, did you see that cool jump? That explosion of powder? How I squeezed between those trees

TECHNOLOGY - How to live large on every battery charge
While it's easier to find outlets for charging your mobile device in vehicles and public places these days, there will always be the occasion when you need to nurse the battery in your laptop, smartphone, or tablet because you can’t charge it. Whether you forgot bring your charger, are stuck in the woods, or you simply want to revel in the un-tethered-ness of it all, here are some tricks for achieving longer run time.Increase the run time o ...
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TECHNOLOGY - Improved port accuracy and safety through novel technology
Galileo, the multi-billion euro global navigation satellite system funded by the EU, will soon provide highly accurate and precise position measurements on Europe's roads. But the primary mode of international trade - the maritime industry, responsible for nearly 90 percent of world trade - still relies on outdated technology with limited precision capacity at a high cost and with low efficiency

TECHNOLOGY - Israeli restaurant: Turn off phone, get discount
A restaurant owner in an Arab village outside of Jerusalem says he is on a mission to save culinary culture by making diners a simple offer: Turn off your cellphone and get a 50 percent discount .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Kansas City Residents Get A Second Chance For Google Fiber, Ahead Of Further Regional Expansions Starting This March
Kansas City residents are getting a second change to sign up for Google Fiber, says Google. The efforts to slowly build out a nationwide, high-speed network where Google acts as an Internet Service provider first began in Kansas City, Mo. around two years ago, before arriving in other markets, like Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah, for example. Now those who live in Google Fiber's initial test market will be able to sign up if they missed their chan ...

TECHNOLOGY - KeyMe, The Cloud Service For House Keys, Is Now Offering A One Hour Delivery Service For Lockouts
In August, a startup called KeyMe launched an app that allows users to scan and store digital copies of their house keys, which a locksmith can use to cut a new copy in case of a lockout. KeyMe is now further enabling New Yorkers to lock themselves out of their apartments consequence-free by opening a service that promises to deliver new keys in under an hour.That's 60 glorious minutes you basically have to spend at the local bar by yourself, not ...

TECHNOLOGY - Malware up, hackers bypass security safeguards, survey says
Malicious software is on the rise both on computers and mobile devices, fueled in part by hackers' ability to bypass a key security measure, researchers said Wednesday .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - New technology could help food crops thrive in crowded fields
( —With the global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, the world's farmers are going to need to produce a lot more food—but without using much more farmland, as the vast majority of the world's arable land is already being used for agriculture

TECHNOLOGY - Optical fiber networks: Channeling light to greater heights
Private households are increasingly connecting to the Internet via optical fiber networks, whose bandwidth is suitable for delivering on-demand. The fibers of the network transmit light simultaneously over many channels by using different optical wavelengths. These networks could be expanded by also utilizing light's polarization, which is the plane in which light waves oscillate

TECHNOLOGY - Review: PlayStation 4 turns gaming into social activity
It was one hour after the West Coast's midnight launch of Sony's PlayStation 4, and there were 100 channels live-broadcasting the event

TECHNOLOGY - Sixth sense in mechanical engineering: Sensor screw measures forces inside machines
An age-old engineering problem: how do you precisely measure the forces that act between two components inside a machine or, for example, on the sail of a boat without drilling holes or sticking on a sensor? Researchers have now developed a brilliantly simple solution: a screw with an integrated sensor

TECHNOLOGY - The First Apple Store App For iPad Nails Tablet Shopping With Clever Gesture And Image Focused Interface
Today, Apple is launching its very first Apple Store app for iPad, bringing a gorgeous shopping experience to its tablet in a long-overdue move. The new app arrives just in time for the holidays and utilizes the display and capabilities of the iPad to present a best-in-class shopping experience.Though Apple has had an Apple Store app for the iPhone for some time, it has long neglected the bigger devices in its iOS arsenal. The iPad version of the ...

TECHNOLOGY - The Wireless Foundation Releases Report on Wireless Solutions that Reduce the Transportation Sector’s Environmental Impact
The Wireless Foundation released a report this morning examining wireless solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the transportation sector. Produced by BSR, Advancing Environmental Sustainability in the Transportation Sector:

TECHNOLOGY - This standing desk doesn't stand still; it is as portable as your laptop
The Plunk doesn't just stand, it is a moveable feast .

TECHNOLOGY - WSU researcher wants to make Google Glass safer for drivers
With his Google Glass in place over his right eye, Jibo He weaves in and out of traffic, careful to maintain his speed and avoid obstacles along the road. He takes his focus off the road and sneaks a peak at the Glass screen to look at the main menu. Before he has the chance to look back in front of him, he slams full-speed into the back of a truck

TECHNOLOGY - Watch out Denver pot smokers, the “nasal ranger” can smell you
Denver, Colorado—one of the cities in the country to legalize marijuana use—has passed a new “odor ordinance” with a potential $2,000 fine for anyone found guilty of polluting the atmosphere with high concentrations of cannabis. And the police department's plan for enforcement is a strange-looking device called an olfactometer, or more collquially, the "nose telescope."The so-called environmental ordinance is a result of confusion over the legali