TECHNOLOGY - 500,000 Lights: Family's Christmas Display Sets New World Record
Australia's Janean and David Richards used more than 31 miles' worth of LED lights to decorate their home. Their yard features a canopy of lights fanning out beneath a large tree whose trunk is wrapped in glowing colors.

TECHNOLOGY - Google Gives Business Owners A Single Place Online To See All Their Customers' Reviews
Google now makes it easier for business owners to see who is reviewing them across the web. Verified business owners who are already using the recently updated Places for Business user interface can now go to their profiles, where they'll find a new “Reviews” section. There, they will find all of their customers' online reviews and be able to respond to them. The service also offers some basic review analytics so businesses can track how their re ...

TECHNOLOGY - HydroBee charges your gadgets with hydropower
Just float the device in a river or stream and soon enough you'll have enough juice to charge a smartphone, GPS or other device .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Printer buying guide: How to find the best model for your home or office
Printers haven’t changed much, but the tech world around them sure has. People print less frequently, and they’re just as likely to send a job from a smartphone or a tablet as they are from a traditional computer. Today’s printers are keeping up as best they can, with mobile printing options and wireless connectivity, and a few models offer new technologies such as NFC (near-field communication).Before you shop for a printer,