TECHNOLOGY - After 20 Months Google's Campus London Hub Has 22,000 Members, So Where Next?
Opened in April 2012, Campus London, Google's East London ‘startup hub' was something of a new departure for Google. It was taking out a ten year lease of a building which would be populated by co-working spaces, hackers and startups that Google had nothing to do with and Google would not have a stake it in. In part it might be construed to have been a political move. The search giant was under pressure from the UK government to show it was prepa ...

TECHNOLOGY - Amazon Is Joining, Not Starting, The Drone-Delivery Revolution
Jeff Bezos shocked Middle America during a CBS “60 Minutes” segment with Charlie Rose: 30-minute Amazon deliveries by drones. Whether it's a real product or genius PR stunt on the eve of the biggest online shopping day of the year, it doesn't matter. The idea of a sky full of drones just hit the mainstream.Amazon isn't the first company to experiment delivery by drones. In fact, over the last year, several companies beat Amazon to the punch with ...
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TECHNOLOGY - AppHero Acquired By Mobile App Publishing Firm Fuse Powered, Will Turn Its Attention To Ads
App discovery startup AppHero has been acquired by fellow Toronto-based company Fuse Powered, the company announced today, in a deal that will see the entire AppHero team including 19-year old founder Jordan Satok join Fuse Powered and develop its products for app publishing, marketing and distribution. AppHero, founded in 2011, was a pure play discovery network that developed sophisticated algorithms for suggesting mobile software to users, but ...

TECHNOLOGY - Defending against electromagnetic attacks
Electromagnetic radiation is invisible to people, however electromagnetic fields can interfere with or damage electronic devices. A new measuring instrument can now determine the strength, frequency, and direction of the attack .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Defense against electromagnetic fields
Electromagnetic fields can interfere with or damage electronic devices. Electromagnetic radiation is invisible to people. A new measuring instrument can now determine the strength, frequency, and direction of the attack .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - European, US authorities take control of websites
Europol says American and European authorities have taken control of 690 websites that were selling counterfeit merchandise .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Explaining perfect forward secrecy
Twitter has announced it is introducing perfect forward secrecy to help users protect their information from spies and cyber-criminals .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Gift Guide For The Home Automation Enthusiast
It's never been easier to make your home work for you. In the past, installing home automation devices was a laborious and obnoxious task, reserved for only the most committed geeks. But now home automation items can be wrapped and given as gifts. Best yet, these products are fully functional on their own, not requiring the installation of a central hub like in the past.Nest Learning ThermostatThe Learning Thermostat is a staple of a modern smart ...

TECHNOLOGY - Google Brings The Telethon Online With First-Ever “Hangout-a-thon”
On Tuesday – aka Giving Tuesday - Google will repurpose its video broadcasting service called Google+ Hangouts to help host an online “Hangout-a-thon” that aims to connect those interested in making charitable donations with a worthy cause of their liking. Like a modern-day telethon, the “Hangout-a-thon” will feature celebrities, including  Jennifer Garner, Chris Daughtry and Sophia Bush, plugging their favorite non-profit or charity, says Google ...

TECHNOLOGY - I'm Not Just Gaming, Ma! I'm Helping The World's Farmers
A computer game wants you to help survey the world's cropland. The hope is that the map will be used by organizations around the globe that are working with farmers to manage their crops better and get more out of each harvest.

TECHNOLOGY - Microsoft Rolls Out Student Advantage, Giving Students Free Access To Its Office Suite
Today Microsoft flipped the switch on Student Advantage, a program, announced in October, that extends the availability of Office to students of educational institutions that pay for Office 365 for their staff and faculty.According to Microsoft, 35,000 educational institutions are eligible for Student Advantage, which provides access to the ProPlus SKU of Office 365, again provided that its paid staff are current users of Office 365 ProPlus

TECHNOLOGY - Octocopter to monitor crops
Rothamsted Research has obtained a high performance radio remote-controlled octocopter equipped with four distinct cameras, thanks to funding from The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). The custom-built equipment will enable high-throughput collection of data from experimental crop plots at each of the Institute's sites as well as at collaborating organisations' trials. Collection of data with this method will give un ...

TECHNOLOGY - PlayStation 4 Sells 250K Units In The UK During Launch Weekend, But Steam One-ups With 7M Concurrent Users
The PlayStation 4 took home the record for sales of a launch console this weekend in the UK, topping 250,000 units sold in 48 hours, which tallies up to around $1.4 billion U.S. in sales, according to The Telegraph. That's far better than the PlayStation 3 managed back when it launched, and a good 100K units better than the 150,000 units reportedly sold by Microsoft during its Xbox One launch in the UK a week ago.

TECHNOLOGY - Smart Phones as Thin as Credit Cards
Nikolay Zheludev's voice in the U.K. traverses the Atlantic Ocean on wires, fiber-optic cables and microwaves and reaches me in New York City. The delay and noise make a conversation difficult. Speaking from the University of Southampton, he is describing man-made structures called metamaterials and how they will make almost any conceivable device or application faster, cheaper and more efficient. Our transoceanic conversation is a case in point, ...

TECHNOLOGY - Soft Robots that Deform as They Move
Rescue crews arrive on the scene of a collapsed mine and drill a borehole several hundred meters down to a small cavern. They put a cylindrical, camera-equipped robot made of metal into the hole that will descend and search for survivors. As the robot crawls downward, the ground shifts, collapsing the borehole to half its diameter, crushing the bot. Now what? If the robot had been made of deformable polymers, it could have simply lengthened and

TECHNOLOGY - Symantec discovers worm that targets systems running Linux—threat to other devices
( —Antivirus company Symantec has announced that it has discovered a new worm on the loose—one that attacks vulnerabilities in computer systems running Linux. Thus far, they report, the threat is minimal due to the worm only operating on x86 type computers. It could grow much worse, however, as the worm appears to be easily changed to allow for exploiting other types of hardware running Linux such as home routers, smart TVs or security

TECHNOLOGY - Video: Amazon Prime Air Could Change Logistics Forever
Last night on 60 Minutes, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced that in the next few years, the online retailer would launch a same-day, drone delivery service called Amazon Prime Air that could deliver your goods in as little as 30 minutes to your doorstep. The future of logistics arrives in 2015.With over a year before the service can get up and running, this morning Amazon Prime Air is all the buzz around the Interwebs.