TECHNOLOGY - Amazon's New Cloud Desktop Service, Amazon WorkSpaces, Arrives On iPad
Amazon WorkSpaces, the company's recently announced virtual desktops service and competitor with VMware, has now arrived on the iOS platform, or more specifically, on iPad. The new app will allow those who have access to the WorkSpaces Limited Preview currently in progress to use their iPad device as a cloud desktop of sorts, in order to handle everyday corporate computing tasks, like editing docs, accessing web apps, sending and receiving

TECHNOLOGY - Data centers can be cooled down in environmentally friendly, energy efficient ways
Data centers housing thousands of computers have enabled the proliferation of new cloud-based services. One problem associated with data centers, however, is their aggregate electricity consumption. The servers in the data centers use electricity and generate heat, which can endanger the reliability of the services provided unless sufficient cooling is arranged

TECHNOLOGY - Google Puts Money on Robots, Using the Man Behind Android
The company has acquired seven companies in hopes of automating electronics assembly and maybe even taking on Amazon in retail delivery

TECHNOLOGY - Innovations: Report: U.S., Switzerland love to innovate together
The U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Foundation recently released an index measuring the science and technology collaboration between the United States and other leading countries. A concentration of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland explains the country’s position atop the rankings, according to USISTF director Ann Liebschutz.

TECHNOLOGY - New chip provides better bioimaging performance
A microelectromechanical system developed in Singapore provides the 360-degree view that is critical in diagnostic imaging

TECHNOLOGY - Robotic sea turtle will dive to explore ship wrecks
The robot uses sea turtle-inspired propulsion to navigate the tight spaces of underwater archaeological sites

TECHNOLOGY - Sunnycomb Forecasts How Each Day's Weather Will Make You Feel
Tokyo-based Weathernews Inc (WNI) already makes Japan's top weather app with over 10 million downloads to date. So why does the company, one of the largest weather service providers in the world, want to enter the English-speaking market with a new iOS app called Sunnycomb that will vie for users against a hoard of other weather apps

TECHNOLOGY - The Next-Gen USB Plug To Be Smaller And Finally Reversible
Our long worldwide nightmare is almost over. The next USB plug will finally be reversible just like Apple's Lightning connector. No more blindly jamming the connector towards the receptacle, just knowing that it's not going to work. In the near future, the plug will always be the right side up. The upcoming connector, called Type-C, is designed for the USB 3.1 specification and scheduled to be finalized by the middle of 2014.

TECHNOLOGY - The engineering behind the 3-D printing revolution
While 3-D pens and printers are enjoyed by students, artists and makers, innovative American companies are using similar equipment to manufacture aerospace, automotive and medical technologies. The number of technologies customized and created using additive manufacturing processes is growing each year

TECHNOLOGY - The promise of nanotechnology
If the promise of nanotechnology is to be fulfilled, then research programs must leapfrog to new nanomanufacturing processes. That's the conclusion of a review of the current state of nanoscience and nanotechnology

TECHNOLOGY - Visualizing the secret beauty of the world wide web
From a distance these stunning images look likes stars exploding, fireworks or simply striking patterns