TECHNOLOGY - 3D Printed AtmoMotor HV Atmospheric Motor – Wireless Energy
A high torque atmospheric motor. First tests underway.

TECHNOLOGY - Batteries as they are meant to be seen
Researchers have developed a way to microscopically view battery electrodes while they are bathed in wet electrolytes, mimicking realistic conditions inside actual batteries. While life sciences researchers regularly use transmission electron microscopy to study wet environments, this time scientists have applied it successfully to rechargeable battery research .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Computerizing people may be next step in tech
It's likely the world in the not-so-distant future will be increasingly populated by computerized people like Amal Graafstra .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Delicate Eye Cells Are Latest to Be 3D-Printed
Blindness might just be the first major disability to disappear, at least if our high-tech future takes more a utopian than dystopian bent. A bionic eye is already on the market in the United States, and stem cell therapy has been shown to restore sight in mice. Now British scientists have successfully printed retinal cells.Retinal ganglion at left, towards the front of the eyeResearchers have used 3D printing —

TECHNOLOGY - Fast, efficient, and affordable 3D printer could be a gamechanger
When a group of college students couldn’t get access to an affordable 3D printer at their schools, they didn’t let that get in their way, but instead built their own, and the resulting version ended up being faster, more efficient, and a fraction of the cost of other 3D printing options.The 3D printing device developed by Shai Schechter, Andrey Kovalev, Yasick Nemenov, and Eugene Sokolov, dubbed Deltaprintr, could be a major gamechanger
This fast, efficient, and affordable 3D printer could be a gamechanger

TECHNOLOGY - Grandmother becomes advisor for tech startup

TECHNOLOGY - Happy holidays with a technotwist
May technological wonders help our children look forward to a bright season as well .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - How smartphone tech could change behavior
Funneling a steady stream of diversions straight to your pocket, smartphones are often cast as the ultimate distractors. But a University of Michigan engineering professor sees potential for them to be something quite the opposite .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Just Because You Give Someone Cleaner Technology Doesn’t Mean They’ll Use It
Cleaner cookstoves aren't always a perfect replacement for traditional open fire stoves. Photo via TREEAID/FlickrWith 2013 all but fully wound down, there’s an important lesson to take forward into the new year on the topic of theory versus practice, as well as understanding your end user, via an article on how people in rural Mali are and aren't using cleaner cookstoves in the inaugural issue of Dem+nd magazine.

TECHNOLOGY - Microsoft Releases Carbon Fee Playbook
Originally published on The Inspired EconomistAs more companies strive for increased sustainability in their businesses, it’s become important for them to be not only aware of the externalities of their operations, such as the carbon emissions associated with their organization, but to also be accountable for them.And while it may not be feasible for all of the company operations to get to carbon neutral through efficiency and clean energy .. ...
Microsoft carbon fee

TECHNOLOGY - New Year’s Tech: What to Expect in 2014
Smart watches and Google glasses?

TECHNOLOGY - New circuit design allows for elimination of laptop charger brick
( —Power electronics maker FINsix Corporation has announced the development of what is being called the world's smallest laptop adaptor—one that is just a quarter the size of traditional models and just a sixth the weight—it comes as a standard wall plug, eliminating the "box on the ground" format so familiar to laptop users .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Researchers bring radio-frequency identification technology to the supply chain
In 2000, five MIT Media Lab alumni co-founded ThingMagic to help bring radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology—wireless readers and data-transmitting tags—to the supply chain. This meant companies would be able to track products, from the warehouse to delivery .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Review: Nokia's new 2520 tablet is one to avoid
Nokia recently released its first-ever Windows tablet, the Lumia 2520.

TECHNOLOGY - Top 10 tech gadgets of 2013
Wearable gadgets, curved smartphones and new game consoles defined technology in 2013. That's why it's no surprise they make up the bulk of our top 10 devices of the year .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - With selfies, the world turns the camera on itself
Stuck on a ledge halfway up a 3,000-foot (1,000-meter) cliff in Oman, his climbing rope sliced in two by sharp rocks, Jimmy Chin did what anyone else would have done in his predicament .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - YotaPhone update lets you read more e-books and documents on its energy-saving E Ink display
Much as we admired the potential of the YotaPhone in our recent review, we just couldn't overlook its lack of support for popular e-reading platforms like Amazon Kindle and Google Books. That problem hasn't been solved just yet, but things are .. .. ...