TECHNOLOGY - A flat-pack boombox for your smartphone, made from recycled cardboard
These build-it-yourself cardboard boomboxes offer a chance to mesh the audio style of the '80s with the smartphones of the 21st century .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Apple patent shows future iPads, iPhones could be more touch sensitive
Apple has applied for a patent that describes a method the Cupertino, Calif., company could use to improve the accuracy of the touchscreen on its iPad and iPhone devices .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - Build With Chrome Game Lets You Virtually Make LEGO Creations Anywhere in the World
Obsessive LEGO fans are getting excited as Google Chrome has launched a virtual LEGO game that lets you build with the iconic bricks. As if building with the plastic blocks weren’t easy enough, the Build With Chrome app lets you create your fantasy buildings right from your computer or handheld device. The app is also integrated with Google Maps, making it possible to build crazy structures in even the most unforgiving terrain
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TECHNOLOGY - Compact pedal-powered generator lets you charge your gadgets (and burn calories) at your desk
Stick this little pedal-powered marvel under your desk, and charge your mobile devices by pedaling away while working .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - LA Unified gets lower price for thousands of iPads
Los Angeles Unified School District is getting a break on the price of thousands of iPads, as it continues the rollout of a $1 billion plan to provide the tablets to all students

TECHNOLOGY - New computer, Edison, electrifies scientific computing
A new supercomputer, named Edison, electrifies scientific computing. Edison can execute nearly 2.4 quadrillion floating-point operations per second (petaflop/s) at peak theoretical speeds .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - New hearing aids are like Google Glass for the ears
The new Resound hearing aids connect directly to your smart phone so that you are almost hard-wired to

TECHNOLOGY - To Patch a Visual Gap, Turn that Text Around
Reader, be proud. Youre a perceptual expert. As you read, your eyes alternately focus and move along each line of text in a seamless sequence honed over years of practice.

TECHNOLOGY - To hear without being heard: First nonreciprocal acoustic circulator created
Scientists have built the first-ever nonreciprocal circulator for sound that is able to break sound wave reciprocity. The device is a 'one-way road for sound' that transmits acoustic waves in one direction but blocks them in the other. With this device, you can listen without being heard .. ...

TECHNOLOGY - What Utilities Can Learn From Apple, Hybrid Cars and Telephones
The changing utility business model in the face of distributed generation market acceptance is a major theme so far in 2014, and Google’s Nest acquisition is a clear signpost on this transitional landscape. It’s becoming increasingly clear that to lead the way in the new power generation and delivery space, utilities need to decide whether they want to step out of their comfort zones -- or fight to maintain the status quo. “The fundamental

TECHNOLOGY - What's behind a No. 1 ranking? Open-source LineUp software enables granular analysis of subjective ranking systems
Behind every "Top 100" list is a generous sprinkling of personal bias and subjective decisions. Lacking the tools to calculate how factors like median home prices and crime rates actually affect the "best places to live," the public must take experts' analysis at face value .. ...